New Jersey pond with netting and snow.
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As winter wraps our landscapes in its sparkling embrace, it’s a great time to appreciate the unique joys and responsibilities it brings to pond owners. Keeping your netting on during winter? Absolutely! Here’s why it’s a brilliant idea:

Predator Deterrent: Your netting stands as a steadfast guardian, keeping your pond safe from unwanted visitors. It’s a simple yet effective shield against predators, ensuring your aquatic friends thrive in peace.

Leaf Barrier: Say goodbye to rogue leaves! Your netting acts as a reliable barrier, preventing leaves and debris from cluttering your pond. This keeps your water crystal clear and your ecosystem healthy, even in the leafiest of seasons.


❄️ Winter Watch: While snow adds a picturesque touch, it’s important to keep an eye on your pond’s netting. In Northeast New Jersey, we’ve seen how heavy snow can challenge netting. But fear not, with a few smart steps, you can keep everything in perfect balance:


  • Gentle Care: When snow adorns your netting, gently brush it off. This helps prevent the net from sagging into the pond and maintains its purpose.
  • Elevate and Support: Ensure your netting is well-supported and elevated above the water. This prevents the formation of snow dams and keeps water flowing smoothly.
  • Regular Checks: Regularly inspect your net for ice and snow buildup. A quick shake or brush can work wonders in keeping it effective.
  • Clear the Area: Keep the area around support poles clear of snow. This helps maintain the net’s tension and effectiveness.

Remember, your netting is more than just a tool; it’s an integral part of your pond’s winter wardrobe. By taking these simple steps, you ensure a beautiful, healthy pond that’s ready to sparkle all winter long. Stay vigilant, and enjoy the serene beauty of your winter wonderland!

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