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About Atlantis Water Gardens | Pond Store and Pond Builder | Denville, Rockaway, Morris County NJ

Store Hours

Monday – CLOSED
Tuesday – 10-4
Wednesday- 10-4
Thursday – 10-4
Friday- 10-4
Saturday – 10- 4
Sunday – 10 -4

Phone Number: 973.627.0515

Email: [email protected]​​

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What Andrew & Eileen have to say

We just love our pond… I can’t even describe the feeling we get being out here… We’re always amazed how quickly the time goes by when we just…relax. Have a glass of wine… music… in the morning I’ll come out and have a cup of coffee. The birds come to get their bath… I never knew a pond… could create such… pleasure!
~Andrew & Eileen Louisa

PONDSNatural Ecosystem Water Gardens

Dreaming of stepping outside your backdoor one early morning and being greeted with the sound of falling water and fish swimming up to the edge to greet you? Yeah… we do to. Thats why we build them for a living

WATERFALLSNaturalistic Disappearing Waterfalls

Imagine relaxing on your back patio, leaning back into your comfy chair and taking in all the sights and sounds of a brook in the forest.

FOUNTAINSCAPESOrnamental Fountains & Water Gardens

These fountains do it all: provide the peaceful sound of falling water, attract birds, are a gorgeous focal point for your favorite spot at your home.