Bubbling Urns, Bowls, & Basalt Column Fountainscapes | Denville, Rockaway NJ

The number one question that a backyard water fountainscape builder gets is: “How much does a backyard water fountainscape cost?”

To help eliminate the guesswork, Atlantis Water Gardens in Denville, Morris County, New Jersey, has developed packages that will help give an idea of cost (assuming good access and flat backyard) for Backyard Ponds, Pondless Waterfalls, Fountainscapes that can be crafted to fit most any space and budget.

Wondering what backyard fountains cost? Good question. Scroll down through the details below, or: Check out all our Koi Ponds & water features and their prices on our Project Planner

Backyard Fountainscape Packages

Our backyard fountainscapes are perfect for those intimate little corners in your backyard, or even as a focal piece to greet your friends and family at the front door!

Basalt Column Package

  • The trio of faux basalt columns are a unique, beautiful water fountain that can attract birds and other wildlife to your backyard with the gentle sounds of cascading water!

Stacked Slate Sphere Package

  • These Stacked Slate Spheres provide an ornamental touch to fountainscapes, while still staying true to the beauty of natural rustic materials​

Stacked Slate Urns Package

  • These Stacked Slate Urns have the same look as the Spheres, but in a more elegant shape. Which look do you prefer!?

Stacked Slate Wall Package

  • Another Stacked Slate Fountain Feature. This one in the form of a slightly curved wall

Here’s what Ann & Scott had to say

What Andrew & Eileen have to say

We just love our pond… I can’t even describe the feeling we get being out here… We’re always amazed how quickly the time goes by when we just…relax. Have a glass of wine… music… in the morning I’ll come out and have a cup of coffee. The birds come to get their bath… I never knew a pond… could create such… pleasure!
~Andrew & Eileen Louisa

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