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The Atlantis Water Gardens Youtube Channel has been a crazy journey!

Atlantis Water Gardens Youtube Channel • Denville NJ

Our Atlantis Water Gardens Youtube channel has been a crazy journey! I first started out just messing with Youtube, like everyone else does, and then dropping it on and off. I got inspired to try it for real when Greg Wittstock the Pond Guy started his Pond Guy channel. So I hit it hard, and vlogged an entire trip we did to Colombia. And since then, I’ve never stopped.

This journey has taken me and my camera all over the world. I’ve been to South America, Africa, all over North America, Australia, and now it looks like Japan is next. I love documenting my life’s journey in business, and beyond, while we try to do a good thing in our business at Atlantis Water Gardens.

Click on the button above and subscribe to my channel and come along for the crazy ride! It’d mean the world to me! The Atlantis Water Gardens Youtube Channel is growing fast !

Atlantis water gardens youtube channel and videos

-Jaak Harju, owner

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