Can I run my waterfall and pond all winter in New Jersey?


We are asked this all the time by our customers and new pond and waterfall owners in New Jersey and the surrounding areas.  Keeping your pond and waterfall running in New Jersey during the frozen months of December through March will allow you to enjoy the beautiful ice sculptures that form in the stream and waterfall, especially if you have LED Lighting.

Although beautiful, it’s possible that the ice buildup can form dams that could divert your pond or pondless basin water out of the pond. Check on the waterfall and stream and monitor the water level periodically in your pond and pondless basin throughout the winter. If you see an ice dam forming or the water level dropping at a high rate, your pond or pondless basin might be losing water because of the frozen sculpture or ice dams and it might be time to turn off the pump for the winter. If you decide to leave the pond running until warmer weather however, your main concern is to ensure there is enough water for the pump(s) to operate properly.

Can a Pond and Waterfall Run Through the Entire Winter?

For New Jersey pond and waterfall owners wondering if their systems can run through the winter, the answer is yes, with some conditions. A pump with at least 2,000 gph can keep the waterfall from freezing solid, and AquaScape filters and PVC flex pipes are designed to withstand the effects of winter. However, owners will need to find an alternate water source to replenish the pond due to freezing and evaporation. Maintenance is key, and shutting down the system during winter is also an option. Overall, the aesthetic rewards of a winter pond and waterfall are worth considering, but precautions should be taken to preserve fish, plant, and pump life.

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