Reasons to Install a Fountain For Your Pond

A fountain is a great addition to a pond. A fountain will not only add visual appeal to your landscape, but it will also help create a welcoming and relaxing backyard. Your fountain will help improve the overall quality of the water and keep algae in check.

Here are some compelling reasons to add a fountain to your pond.

A Fountain Will Help Create a Relaxing Environment

If you can’t go outdoors, bring nature into your home. Installing a fountain in your backyard is a great way to mimic nature in your garden.

fountainscapes installation and service in morris county nj

The sight and sound of water can induce a flood of neurochemicals that promote physical, mental and spiritual wellness. No wonder looking at water instantly relaxes our mind, body and soul.

The sound of water will drown out noise from traffic, helping create a soothing environment. Flowing water produces negative ions, which has a positive effect on mood and overall health.

A fountain will help create a serene environment, which will attract a variety of wildlife, including colorful butterflies, bees and birds.

Birds and other animals in your garden are sure to put a smile on your face with their antics. Watching them in their natural habitat is a great stress reliever.

Fountains Promote Healthy Air Circulation

The fish and other wildlife in your pond need oxygen. Your fountain will help increase the oxygen level in your pond. Your fountain will also help maintain water quality by moving it. Water plants thrive in clean water.

A Fountain Will Enhance Your Home’s Aesthetic Appeal

Your exterior is one of the first things many people will notice about your home. A fountain will transform your house into the jewel of the neighborhood, making it stand out from the crowd.

Improved Relaxation and Mental Health

Many studies show that fountains produce negative ions that improve the flow of blood to the brain. This, in turn, improves mood and reduces stress and anxiety. Research suggests that the sound of running water can help improve mental clarity and concentration.

Tips to Maintain a Fountain

You cannot install your fountain and forget it. Fountains need periodic maintenance and care. Regular maintenance prevents problems from occurring and may even reverse age-related deterioration to some extent.

Follow these tips to maintain your outdoor fountain:

➢ Clean your fountain. Remove leaves and debris from your pump’s intake valve. Flash the pump and hose lines. Thoroughly scrub the surface of your fountain. Remove algae and treat the water with an algaecide

➢ Change the water in your fountain regularly

➢ Check the filter and other parts for damage. Replace damaged components as necessary

Atlantis Water Gardens is a reputable pond fountain installers near you in Mendham. Our experts have the necessary skills and experience to transform ordinary backyard into oasis of relaxation. To make an appointment, call 973-627-0515.

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The Most Effective Tips for Koi Pond Maintenance

People owning elite houses or having a spacious lawn and garden in the Morristown area often look to create beauty in their homes. Koi ponds are one such appealing vista that can enhance your garden. Koi fish in the ponds emit vibrancy and make the koi ponds worth watching. People always watch out for koi pond service around them for proper maintenance of such beautiful ponds.

Regular maintenance of the koi pond will help you sort out many common problems by yourself. The health of the fish, their longevity, and the elegance of the pond – all depend upon well-structured maintenance.

So, if you are trying to sustain the scenic beauty of your garden, then this discussion will be of great help to you.

ecosystem koi pond with lighting installations

Importance of Koi Pond Maintenance

We all are well aware that aquatic animals need specific quality and standard conditions to live their lives. Excretion wastes, uneven temperature, and lapsed filtration systems can lead to the contamination of the pond. Hence, these five tips will help you with effective pond maintenance.

● The Usage of Fountain Water A stagnant pond is the site of the accumulation of algae and different layers of the bacterial film, which results in a decrease in oxygen supply. To keep the pond fresh and to maintain the oxygen supply, a fountain can be installed. It will not only regulate the supply of fresh oxygen but also add beauty to the pond.

● Check for Temperature Drops You have to strictly monitor the temperature drop in order to prevent the pond water from freezing or getting too cold. It ceases the oxygen supply to the koi fish and disturbs their surviving conditions. Use a de-icer or heater to keep the water lukewarm in such cases.

● Installing Premium Equipment Always look for premium products to install on your koi pond, such as a pump, aerator, filtration system, de-icer, etc. Low-quality devices can abruptly affect water flow or may trouble the species with electric shocks. Hence, it’s necessary to look for the products that best meet the pond’s specifications.

● Avoid Crowd Too many fishes in one place will lead to an improper balance of oxygen in the water. The gases they exhale will disturb the living conditions as well. The owner will face problems in mass feeding all at once and routinely cleaning the pond. Hence, overcrowding should strictly be avoided.

● Avoid Overfeeding Overfeeding your fish is not healthy for them as well as the pond. If your fish start to eat more than their actual diet, they will become sick and bilious. The leftover food in the pond will decay and contaminate the water because of bacterial growth. Briefly, it will spoil the fish, and the polluted water will make the pond look dirty.

The tips mentioned above are very convenient to understand, and one can rely upon them for proper and successful pond maintenance. With this small set of advice, one can provide stable life support to the koi fish and decent care for their koi pond.

If you want more details and guidelines regarding koi pond maintenance in Morristown, you can search for koi pond service near me. It will help you clear all the queries and will provide perfect and professional maintenance to your pond. You can also contact Atlantis Water Gardens at 973-627-0515 for a certified and highly skilled koi pond maintenance service.

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Is It Necessary to Drain & Clean My Pond Monthly?

The reality is, if you fail to set your system up using our Ecosystem Pond recipe so that it’s working in harmony with Mother Nature, then you’ll be asking for a lot of related problems that may require you to drain and clean your pond out on a regular basis. On the other hand, if you decide to work in harmony with Mother Nature instead of doing battle with her, then draining and cleaning your pond should take place only once a year (twice at most). Clean-outs should occur in the spring, before the weather gets warm and the bacteria has an opportunity to set up. Ponds with heavy fish and plant loads might need a drain and clean before winter sets in.

Is it Necessary to Drain and clean my pond monthly

If you’d had enough, and don’t even feel like reading or searching for more info, just give us a call. We’ll help you out.

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Options for Pond and Waterfall Cleaning

Things to Consider for Pond & Waterfall Cleaning

Pond & Waterfall Cleaning Tips | Denville, Rockaway, Morris County NJ

Ok. So spring is coming. You got a pond. And last fall the yard guys blew all the leaves right into it. Now you try to not get close. It stinks. You’re like oh man, what do I do?



Just like a bear coming out of hibernation, your pond is tired of the cold weather and SOMEBODY wants to EAT! That somebody is ALGAE and its food source is nutrients that have found their way to the bottom of your Morris, Passaic, Essex, Union, or Bergen county area pond since the autumn months. Atlantis Water Gardens in Denville, Morris County NJ offers professional spring pond cleaning and maintenance services to make your life easier when maintaining your water feature.


Your filtration is completely ineffective in cold weather months so dead leaves, sticks, fish waste and other wind blown debris have had lots of time to decompose and transform into sweet, sweet pond sludge while you haven’t been paying much attention to your frozen backyard paradise (It was too freakin’ cold to go out there in my slippers and Superman pajamas!). A majority of water feature owners are coming out to their favorite aquatic sanctuary to find that they now have wall to wall carpets of algae in their fish’s underwater living room and they’re realizing that this won’t be a simple “Plug In The Pump and it’s Waterfall Time!” type of deal.


Don’t sweat it! Everybody’s got to do some sort of Spring Cleaning and that includes Mother Nature. Winter snow melts flush out natural bodies of water, sweeping away a lot of the “Yucky Stuff” that accumulates over the Winter in natural ponds.  Backyard pond owners don’t have that luxury with our closed ecosystems, so it’s on us to get in there and kick a little pond scum butt!​​

You’ve got 2 choices in this deal:


Kiss that new manicure goodbye, ’cause “Algae is a color that really goes with my eyes” and you’re doin’ this thing solo!


Pick up the phone and call the “ROCK STARS” from Atlantis Water Gardens and we’ll gladly do battle with the “Green Beast” in your backyard escape, ’cause we eat algae for breakfast!

Well, sometimes it does get in your mouth when pressure washing…

Ok, you’ve thought about it

Number 2 it is.
(We knew you weren’t touching that thing)

Depending on what type of water feature you have, there are a few ways you can go:

FULL or PARTIAL pond cleaning

The usual Spring Pond Maintenance process in New Jersey minimally involves partially cleaning your pond by disassembling and thoroughly cleaning your filtration system. Most ponds have some type of skimmer filter and a biofalls (waterfall) filter, so those will need to have all the components removed and washed at the very least. After a long, hard winter, most people opt to have the entire pond cleaned to remove all of the decaying organics (that’d be a fancy term for dead rotten leaves) that have collected in the pond. Which option you choose depends on the state of your water feature.

Partial Cleaning:

Clean the skimmer and biofalls only:

1. Remove and clean all filter pads, bioballs, and nets or baskets.
2. The skimmer & biofalls will be completely drained and vacuumed clean.
3. Re-install all the above and restart the pond.
4. We can install activated carbon and liquid barley if you like, for an additional fee.

Full Cleaning:

Clean the entire pond:

1. Drain pond down to six inches in depth.
2. Remove fish and place in large containers with original pond water.
3. Drain remainder of pond and power wash pond and stream/waterfall.
4. Remove debris from the pond bottom..Clean all filter pads, bioballs, biofall unit, skimmer and pump as needed.
5. Clean all light lenses and inspect for burned out bulbs.*
6. Make necessary minor adjustments to rocks if needed.
7. Fertilized all potted plants. ***
8. Add dechlorinator if needed and start the pond filling.
9. Re-introduce fish.

Install EcoCarbon and Liquid Barley into each Aquascape biofalls. If you have multiple biofalls, each will contain carbon and Liquid Barley. Should your pond have no biofalls, they will be installed directly into the pond.

*The majority of debris is to be removed. If the pond is ‘sterilized’, by removing all living bacteria (bio-film), the established ecosystem will be re-started .
**Defective underwater LED fixtures can be replaced at an additional fee.
***Plants will be divided and repotted upon your request for an additional fee.

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This is an article from our Learning Hub. Want more like this? Click on the button to see our entire library of useful information!

All that info make you tired?

Don’t worry. Here’s some pretty photos you can look at to destress.