6 Pond Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

A backyard pond is a worthy addition to any property. A well-designed and properly installed pond can improve the aesthetic appeal of your property, transforming it into the jewel of the neighborhood. It can increase the value of your home by up to six percent.

You cannot install a pond and forget it. Like all other water features, ponds need to be cleaned periodically. Regular cleaning helps maintain water quality. It controls the growth of algae, helping maintain a healthy pond ecosystem.

Many DIY enthusiasts make pond cleaning mistakes when caring for their ponds. Pond cleaning mistakes can have massive consequences. An important pond component may stop working and you may end up with a huge repair bill.

Here are some pond cleaning mistakes you should watch out for.

Cleaning Your Pond Too Often: Clean your pond once or twice a year – once during spring and then again during fall. Cleaning more than twice a year can put undue pressure on the pond ecosystem. As a result, the population of beneficial bacteria may dwindle

Using Chlorinated Water for Cleaning: Pond filters are home to beneficial bacteria that help maintain crystal-clean water by breaking down organic sludge such as fish droppings, uneaten fish food, and dead plants and algae. They also reduce odors. Never use chlorinated water to clean your bio-filter as it can kill beneficial bacteria living in your filter. Use water from your pond, water treated with a detoxifier, or clean well water to rinse and clean your pond filter.

Power Washing the Pond Liner: Washing your pond liner at a very high pressure can tear it. The higher the pressure, the more dirt, dust and debris will be deflected back toward you. Gently pull out chunks of debris. Before using a pressure washer to remove any tiny dirt and dust particles sticking to the liner, set the wand to a low pressure or no-pressure setting.

Using a Pond Clean-Out Pump Without a Filter: A pond clean-out pump with a filter will keep debris or fish from getting sucked into it.

Leaving the Hose Unattended When Filling Your Pond: An unattended hose can cause damage to your pond’s landscaping and lawn, or worse, pond water temperature can change drastically, negatively affecting your pond’s ecosystem. Your fish may struggle to adapt to this change and may get sick, or even die.

Re-introducing the Fish Back into Your Pond Without Detoxifying the Water: If you plan to use tap water to refill your pond after cleaning, add a detoxifier to it before moving your fish back into the pond. Detoxifier removes heavy metals and other contaminants found in tap water, making it safe for fish.

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Pond Maintenance Tips for The Summer

Summer is upon us. The heat can take a toll on your pond and affect the plants and animals in it. High temperatures can impact your pond water’s ability to hold dissolved oxygen and dissolved oxygen levels can drastically fall, causing fish to become stressed.

Here are some ways to maintain your pond in summer

Keep it Clean

Make regular pond cleaning a part of your garden pond maintenance routine. Debris such as leaves, twigs, and pebbles can get into your pond. Be sure to remove dying leaves and flowers before they have a chance to decay in the warmer weather affecting pond water quality, and overall health.

Algae is the number one enemy of pond plants. It competes with them for sunlight and essential nutrients. Ponds tend to accumulate a lot of algae during summer. Once the sun starts to shine, algae can spread quickly to different parts of your pond. Regularly remove pond algae to maintain a healthy pond. Aquatic plants such as water lilies help provide fish with shade from the heat of summer, cooling the water and making algae control easier too. If your pond has water lilies, remove decaying stems and pads otherwise nitrogen levels in your pond may drastically increase.

Use algaecides as the last resort – only when you have a full-blown infestation. Oxygenators are beneficial for ponds. Though oxygenators help maintain pond water quality, they should be kept in check, or they can take over. Monitor the number of oxygenating plants in your pond. Make sure they do not cover more than a third of it.

Top It Off

As the temperature heats up, ponds start losing water at a faster rate than normal. Ponds with large pumps pushing high volumes of water, or ponds designed with multiple waterfalls and a lot of cascades and splashing may have higher evaporation rates. Depending on the local climate, you may have to top off your pond regularly in summer to maintain optimum water levels.

Periodically topping off your pond will help keep the oxygenating plants in it healthy. When your pond plants are healthy, they produce sufficient amounts of oxygen for your fish to thrive.

Add Oxygen to Your Pond

If you haven’t already done so, add oxygen to your pond by placing an aerator in your pond. You can also install a fountain with a pump if your pond doesn’t have a waterfall or stream built in. You will be able to use the aerator in the winter as a bubbler to keep a hole open in the ice. A pond air pump produces bubbles. When these bubbles burst, oxygen is released into the water. If you decide to use a pump, consider adding a biological filter to break down toxic waste.

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Lovin’ It? Want more pics?

We got em. 🙂 Here’s some pretty photos you can look at to destress.