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Steps to Take During Fish Pond Repair

Have you noticed the levels of water in your fish pond going lower than it should? In most cases, a dip in water levels could be due to the onset of summer and a direct result of evaporation. The dropping water levels could also be due to a hole in the pond liner that may call for you to search online for “fish pond repair near me.” If you are losing several inches of water every week, you must not delay fish pond repair. With the right steps, you can ensure your pond is in good shape again and your fish remain healthy.

Step 1: Locate the Leak: The first thing you must do when it comes to fish pond repair is to look for the source of the water leak. In many cases, homeowners overlook an obvious slipped liner or blockage in the pump, and assume that they are dealing with a major problem. It is therefore prudent that you first investigate the root cause. Pay close attention to the water levels and try to diagnose where the leak is. Once the water levels stop dipping, it simply means that the water level is below the leak. This will make it easier for you to find the crack or hole and repair it.

best pond builder morris county NJ

Step 2: Remove Your Fish: Once you have located the leak, the next step is to repair it. However, before you start fish pond repair, be sure to remove your fish. It is important that you are careful while removing your fish so that the stress levels of your fish are as low as possible. A simple tip you could use is to take water from your pond in their new temporary location. This will help your fish adapt to their new abode right away.

Step 3: Perform Fish Pond Repair: Once your fish are in their temporary setup, drain the rest of the water from the pond. You can then complete the repair using patches such as plastic or EPDM to fix the liner. Also, be sure that you look for additional holes, cracks and any weak areas that might need a quick patch.

Step 4: Inspect the Quality of the Repair: Once you have patched the holes and given it sufficient time to cure, you must ensure that your repair work will last. To do so, fill up the pond with water, but keep the pumps off. Once the water has reached a desired level, keep an eye on the water levels to see if it remains constant and does not begin to dip. Once you have made sure the cracks and holes have been repaired, you can return all your fish to their newly restored home.

If you think fish pond repair is not your cup of tea, or you are too busy to take on a new project, look for a reliable fish pond repair company near you. Atlantis Water Gardens is a trustworthy and experienced fish repair service provider that you can rely on for top-quality repair work. Call us today at 973-627-0515.

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