Adding a koi pond to your landscape is a great way to give it a makeover. A koi pond can improve the mood in your garden transforming it into an oasis. Spending some time near a Koi Pond is a proven way to unwind and relax after a busy day.

Once you are ready to go ahead with your Koi Pond construction project in Short Hills, follow these steps to build the koi pond of your dreams.

Choose the Location

When it comes to koi pond construction, location matters. A hidden or inaccessible koi pond fails to serve its purpose. Choose an accessible location that is visible from your home. Make sure the view of your pond is unobstructed. Your koi pond should blend perfectly into the surroundings.

Shade is good for your plants and fish but placing your pond in shade can result in leaves, branches and twigs falling into it. Debris can sink to the middle or bottom of your pond and decay, releasing harmful gases that can affect water quality.

Before finalizing a location, mark out the spot where you are going to put your pond with spray paint and view it from different angles to determine if your pond will fit in with the surroundings.

Determine How Deep Your Pond Should Be

The average koi pond is 24 feet long by 12 feet wide and is 4 feet deep. It can house 10 24-inch koi or 20 12-inch koi. If you plan to keep more koi, you will need a bigger pond. When determining how deep and large your pond should be, consider the fact that your koi will grow with time.

Choose Your Filtration System

A pond’s filtration system helps keep the water clean. Clean water ensures good koi health. A pond filtration system has four components: the bottom drain, settling chambers, mechanical filtration and biological filtration.

The bottom drain helps control pond muck build up, settling chambers store heavy solids, mechanical filtration filters out the debris and biological filtration provides a place for beneficial bacteria to thrive.

Get to Work

The final step involves installing your pond. Follow these steps to install your pond:

➢ Dig your pond out

➢ Place your koi pond equipment

➢ Lay down the liner. Use 45 mil EPDM liner

➢ Place rocks and gravel at the bottom of your koi pond

➢ Add underwater LED lights, aerators or autofill line to your pond

➢ Fill in your pond with water

➢ Clean the area

Atlantis Water Gardens is a leading pond builder serving Short Hills and beyond. We have years of experience transforming boring and dull gardens into extraordinary spaces with magical ponds. To learn more, call us at 973.627.0515.

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