What is the best filtration system for a koi pond?

Believe it or not, you can over-filter a pond. Tight filter pads in your skimmer pick up the smallest particles of debris, causing you to be cleaning the filtering mechanism out constantly. Now remember, we’re not talking about drinking water here. What we are talking about is water clarity and water that’s healthy for your fish. Fish in the wild certainly don’t swim around in bottled water. If you can see a dime on the bottom of the pond, then the water clarity is just right for your fish and filtering past that is overkill and will create headaches, not eliminate them.

Keep it simple. Trust us when we say we’ve been around long enough to learn that the setup in the photo to the right is NOT what you want to go with. We recommend a simple, eco-system type pond with natural biological filtration. Your fish will thank you.

Our experience is the nerds that insist on having the most complex system available, and look for excuses to justify it, have the most nightmarish expriences with their koi ponds.

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