Recreational swim ponds are trending. They are natural ponds that can be used for recreational purposes including paddling and swimming. A recreational swim pond is designed to imitate a natural water body with irregular shapes, boulders, rocks, and waterfalls.

A recreational swim pond in Randolph is generally divided into two areas – one area designated for swimming and the other for vegetation. The vegetation area is usually not more than a foot deep. The depth of the swimming area is typically 6-8 feet at its deepest point.

A recreational pond improves the aesthetics of your property and provides an area where you can spend quality time savoring the sights, smells, and sound of nature with the people who matter.

These ponds also possess a wetland filter and multiple aeration jets that keeps the water from becoming stagnant. It also uses an intake bay that removes floating debris off the surface before it sinks to the pond floor.

A recreational pond system is designed to naturally filter its water-the way a natural pond does, eliminating the need to add harsh chemicals in order to maintain water quality.

A recreational pond may cost more upfront to install than a regular pond. That said it is much easier to maintain. You will spend less time maintaining a recreational pond and more time appreciating its beauty.

How? Firstly, you won’t have to change your recreational pond liner. You don’t have to treat a recreational pond to maintain its water quality as recreational ponds naturally keep themselves clean. You also don’t have to test your water at regular intervals to ensure chemical balance.

With a recreational pond, you can save on your electric bill as recreational ponds are not heated and because they’re not heated they do not lose water through evaporation, which means you will save on costs associated with regularly refilling your pond.

To maintain a recreational swim pond, drain the wetland filter and trim back the plants in it annually. If you do not use your pond in winter, you would want to close it. We recommend adding flag irises and water lilies to a recreational swim pond. Not only do they enhance the appearance of ponds, but also keep the phosphate and nitrate levels in water in check. They can help ensure a beautiful, algae-free pond.

Recreational swim ponds are sustainable and eco-friendly. A recreational swim pond supports the local ecosystem. It attracts dragonflies, tadpoles, and birds that can help keep insect populations in check.

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