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Yep, you just confirmed it. You thought your water level in your pond and waterfall looked low. So you drug out the garden hose, topped it off. Now, this morning you walked out of the house, and… the stupid pump is sucking air again

Oh great.

So, you pull out your phone and search: “How to fix a leak in a pond” or maybe you searched “Pond company that fixes leaks in north New Jersey.”

Now, you’re here. What’s next? Well, if you want to cut straight to the chase, call us.

Tips on how to find a leak in my pond

If you want to try and figure this thing out yourself. No problem. Here’s some tips.

Look for low edges

Look for any low edges. Settling at the pond’s edge is the most common cause of a leak, especially in a new pond. Typically, the low edges are found around the stream and waterfall where settling may have occurred after a few rainfalls. These areas are usually built up during the construction of the pond using the soil from the excavation, and are prone to some settling.

leak detection atlantis water gardens denville nj

Your first line of defense is to carefully inspect the edges of not only your stream and waterfall, but also the perimeter of the pond. As the dirt around the stream or waterfall settles, it can create low spots that may cause water to escape over the edge of the liner. Keep your eyes peeled for wet mulch or gravel, or muddy areas around the perimeter of your pond. If you find a spot that’s leaking, all you have to do is lift the liner up and push some soil under it in order to raise the edge. Bingo – leak fixed! 

What else could it be?

Another possibility is that water is splashing out of your stream. To fix a “splash leak,” all you have to do is adjust a few of the rocks under and around your waterfall. This will contain or redirect the splash and it will stop the splash leak. Once again, you’ve solved the problem the easy and cost-effective way … using common sense. 

waterfall leak detection atlantis water gardens denville nj

​Here in North New Jersey we use a consistent troubleshooting methodology to narrow down the source of your leak or repair needed as quickly as possible. We start with the most likely suspects, such as leaky plumbing connections, skimmer and filter leaks, and improperly formed waterfalls.  If you live in the Denville, Morris County surrounding areas and are having pond problems such as a pond leak, and the source of the issue is not found in these areas, and we’ve ruled everything else out – odds are, you’ve got a hole in your liner that needs repair. 

All that info make you tired?

Don’t worry. Here’s some pretty photos you can look at to destress.