Over a decade of hard work, education and passion for the water gardening industry has grown Atlantis Water Gardens in Denville, Morris County New Jersey into one of the premier water garden design/build companies in the Northern New Jersey. “Water gardening has provided us some unique opportunities, experiences, friendships and accolades over the last decade.  In all of our travels we have gained over a decade of experience building and servicing the water features we build. Review our 20 most popular backyard pond myths, and see if we can show you the true pond facts, and answer some of your questions !  

Is the Best Place For My Pond In The Lowest Spot In My Yard

Pond Myth#1: Predators will eat all of your fish! 
There is a constant fear in the water gardening community that raccoons and other four-legged predators will go swimming in your pond and help themselves to some of your prize koi, shubunkin, or goldfish.
Click to find out the real facts on Predators…

Pond Myth#2: UV lights are the best way to keep your water clear.
UV clarifiers are one of the ways to keep your pond water clear, but certainly not the only way, and arguably not the natural way. 
Uv Lights are not how Mother Nature intended to keep your pond clear…

Pond Myth#3: The presence of rocks and gravel make it difficult to clean your pond.
You are susceptible to buying into this myth, if and only if, you’ve never experienced pondering with rocks and gravel in your pond. 
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Pond Myth#4: Koi can’t be kept in a pond that also contains plants.
In a naturally balanced ecosystem, koi and plants complement and need one another. It doesn’t have to be one or the other.
Find out how you can have koi and aquatic plants to .

Pond Myth#5: Your pond must be at least three-feet deep in order to keep koi.
There are thousands of two-foot deep ponds around the country, full of happy and healthy koi. 
Find out what you need to know about depths and the cold…

Pond Myth#6: Your pond water must be tested on a daily basis.
This myth comes from the aquarium industry and has a lot to do with the fact that an aquarium is a much smaller body of water. 
Bring Mother Nature into the picture and how out how easy it is.

Pond Myth#7: You have to bring your fish inside for the winter.
Fish do fine during the coldest of winters as long as you give them two feet of water to swim in, oxygenate the water, and keep a hole in the ice with a bubbler. Mother Nature can do the rest … find out how your fish survive in the winter.

Pond Myth#8: A pond in your backyard means you will have a lot of mosquitoes.
Mosquitoes will generally only lay their eggs in still, stagnant water. 
Lots of options here, click to find out.

Pond Myth#9: You cannot have a pond in an area where there are a lot of trees.
In nature, ponds and trees go together. Yes, you may have more leaves in your pond, but think of the shade. 
Find out how these two features compliment each other.

Pond Myth#10: You can’t have koi in a pond that also has rocks and gravel.
Koi are actually just a fancy variety of carp, and all carp are bottom feeders. They love to swim and scavenge. 
Find out the truth about koi and their environment.

Pond Myth#11: Having a pond may decrease the value of your home!
Everyone knows when it comes to the resale value, a swimming pool in most American climate regions can be deadly. 
Find out how real estate agents think ponds can affect your value.

Pond Myth#12: It’s okay to use pool chemicals in your pond.
This one comes from the swimming pool industry. If chlorine is good for humans in the local swimming pool, it must be okay for fish and plants in your pond.
Think again, and find out why not to use pool chemicals.

Pond Myth#13: I have liability or safety concerns!
It’s natural to have these concerns, but it is important to remember that a professionally-installed water garden is constructed with safety in mind. More on Pond Safety. 

Pond Myth#14: You can use a timer on your pond!
Not true! Your pond is a living, breathing ecosystem that needs constant oxygen. 
Don’t use a timer Find out more.

Pond Myth#15: I want my pond located in the lowest part of my yard!
It makes sense to have your water garden in this area because it already collects water, however, this is probably the worst location. 
This is one of the worst locations Find out why.

Pond Myth#16: It’s necessary to drain and clean your pond regularly.
The reality is, if you decide to work in harmony with Mother Nature, draining and cleaning your pond should be minimal. 
Find out why why less than twice a year is good.

Pond Myth#17: High tech is the solution to controlling Mother Nature.
More than anything else, being observant and learning from Mother Nature is what it takes to be a water gardener. 
Be a good student and start here. 

Pond Myth#18: Bottom drains work best if you have koi.
The claim by many koi keepers is that the water will lack sufficient oxygen at the lower levels and affect your koi. 
Get the real facts about bottom drains.

Pond Myth#19: The more filtration the better the pond.
Believe it or not, you can over-filter a pond. That’s right.    
Find out what to avoid. 

Pond Myth#20: You can’t be a koi hobbyist and a water gardener.
Not true! You can raise koi and have a beautiful water garden. 
Don’t choose… do them both! 
Find out how.

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