Is your fish pond losing water faster than usual? If the temperature hasn’t risen, you may be dealing with a leak. Holes and cracks in construction materials are one of the most common causes of pond leaks. Holes and cracks in the pond liner result from shoreline erosion. Pond liner damage can also be associated with aging of the liner.

Many homeowners put off fish pond repair. This could prove to be a grave mistake. The longer you wait to address a leak, the worse the problem gets. If left unaddressed, even minor pond leaks can snowball into major problems leading to costly repairs.

Follow this step-by-step guide to locate and fix a pond leak.

Locate the Leak

First and foremost, try to locate the source of the leak. Fill your pond and visually inspect the edges for overspill. Check the outer perimeter of the pond for dampness. If you do not notice any water spilling over and there are no damp areas around your pond, shut down your pump and turn off the auto-fill valve. Is your pond still losing water? The leak is most likely in the foundation or liner.

If your pond does not lose water with the pump turned off, then the leak is most likely in the plumbing. In this case, inspect your pond plumbing or external components such as skimmer box, waterfall box and external pond filter. A common place for plumbing leaks is pipe fittings.

Remove Your Fish and Aquatic Plants

Before repairing your pond, remove your fish and plants. To prevent fish stress, use water from your pond in your fish’s new location. This will allow them enough time to adjust their body chemistry.

Repair Your Pond

Once you have drained the rest of the pond, follow these steps to fix a pond liner leak:

➢ Get a pond sealer. Clean the damaged area.

➢ Apply the sealer to the surface of the liner.

➢ Allow it to cure for 24 hours.

If you are using a patch kit:

➢ Thoroughly clean the damaged area with a solvent wipe. After you have got rid of accumulated dirt and dust, wipe the area.

➢ Scrub and dry the area using a dry scrub sponge.

➢ Apply the release paper to the tear.

➢ Use a seam roller to make seams flat and tight.

If the diameter of the tear exceeds 5”, consider replacing the liner.

How to Repair a Concrete Pond Leak

Follow these steps to fix a leaking concrete pond:

➢ Prepare the damaged area by cleaning it

➢ Apply the sealer to the damaged area

➢ Let the sealer dry

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