It depends what you are referring to in your question.

If you are wondering whether your pond is the equivalent to a science lab with tests, and more preciptions, treatments, and daily meds than your grandad had, then no. High tech in that regard is not the answer or something you want to get started in. More than anything else, being observant and learning from Mother Nature is what it takes to be a water gardener. Whatever she does naturally is what you should be doing in your pond. Whatever she doesn’t do is what you should be avoiding in your pond.

Now, that being said, there are some pretty cool “high tech” things available in the pond industry.

Such as iOT pumps, lights, water jets, Ion Gen for algae control, automatic dosing systems to feed your pond with bacteria. These things are high tech, and afford us some pretty cool features. Such as setting schedules for your pond lights, turning on that little frog spitter from your app on your phone, etc.

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