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The next step is to browse the water feature options we have available, and choose what you’re interested in. As soon as you choose one, you’ll be prompted to add any options you’d like. When you’re done, you’ll see a total price estimate at the bottom. When you are satisified, just click on the Finalize and Review button, you’ll be shown some details, then continue via the Let’s Talk About My Plans button.

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What does a water feature cost

Got a champaign appetite, but a beer wallet? That’s ok, we got options for that too 🙂 Come on out to our Design Center in Denville NJ, bring your pictures and ideas, and we’ll help you weigh your options. We have absolutely everything you need to tackle this project DIY style. Come on out to our Store!

Looking for a water feature contractor out of our service area? Check out the CAC locator!