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Backyard water features is what we do but delighting customers is why we do it

Atlantis Water Gardens originated from a love of creativity. Building water features, and becomin…

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Atlantis Water Gardens Goes to Africa on Humanitarian Aid Mission

https://youtu.be/yI_uRzHktRw Below is a letter reporting the life-saving outcome of our last…

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Shopping Mall Water Feature Build in Colombia South America

There are days where I just really have to wonder how I got to be so lucky! I mean, one day I’m …

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We’ve been all over the world lately: Australia, Colombia, Texas, California. It’s a fun ride, dont miss out!

Australian POND BUILD for Endangered Gibbons

Australian POND BUILD for Endangered GibbonsWe traveled with Greg Wittstock, The Pond Guy to build a rainforest habitat for a pair of endangered Gibbons at Australia's Wildlife HQ Rescue Zoo. Click this link to watch this awesome build featuring over 40 CAC's from across the world!https://youtu.be/FW69qf_m2Yg

Posted by Atlantis Water Gardens on Thursday, 12 March 2020